Baking Is My Passion! I have always loved dessert, and I always saved room for it! Originally from New Jersey, I grew up loving the weekly Sunday visit to the bakery with my family after church and picking out something delicious! I helped my mother bake for the holidays, my favorite being Thanksgiving! I love preparing all the pies, bars, cookies, etc. Later in life, after getting married I decided to try my hand at baking, it was a little slow at first, but I sure loved the end result! When I moved to Arizona fifteen years ago, I really missed going to the bakery and it just didn’t feel right to buy my baked goods at the supermarket. At that point I really focused on baking for myself, and it grew to the point that I always made my children’s birthday cakes, desserts for family Sunday dinners and baking for friends. After a while, my family and friends encouraged me to sell my desserts at boutiques. I tried it and never expected the reaction I received. Completely sold out!
Starting as a home baker while following Arizona's requirements to bake out of my home, I have since created my own business working out of a commercial kitchen right here in Gilbert, AZ . This has allowed me to bake even more!
I hope you enjoy my site, and remember to always save room for dessert!!
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